Funeral Candles & Memorial Candles

Personalised with Name, Date, & Photo


Artists Lucy & daughter Susie

Phone 0481 321 527

These hand-sculptured Funeral & Memorial Art Candles are for those who want something special for their loved one, as each candle is an original work of decorative art. Hand-coloured & hand-sculptured, they are finished with a porcelain-like glaze – so their beauty is long lasting:
and signed and dated. Created in
Lucy’s  Candle Art Studio, Sydney, Australia.

Phone Lucy  0481 321527





In loving memory of my Grandfather
Brian George Coppins

Extra-medium Memorial Candle on Silver Base

In loving memory of our Father Fr.Athanassios Attia

When his time of service was completed he returned Home. Luke 1.23

A pair of  large Funeral Candles with a Crucifix on the front and

photo, verse and dates on the reverse

In loving memory of Gary Kerr

A large Funeral Candle raised on a silver base with two matching medium candles.

Extra candles for family and friends enable them to light up their home with fond memories

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Lucy’s Candleart
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Funeral Candles and Memorial Candles are a beautiful way of remembering a loved one.

This is because the candle’s light symbolically ‘lights-up’ their memory.

And can do this for anniversaries, as the top of each of Lucy’s candles is hollowed
out to accept disposable tea-lights, so the memorial Candle can glow 
in their memory for years.

SIZES.                                     Base Price

Large – approx 24 cm, 9.5 inches                $99

Extra-Medium – app 16.5 cm, 6.5 inches    $89

Medium – approx 14 cm, 5.5 inches             $69

Small – approx 10c m, 4 inches                    $49


NAME & DATE  by attached printed card is included.      

Your PHOTO:  $10 for any number of candles

Your PRAYER or VERSE  $20. 

Decoration $10   Base silver or gold $8

All Designs can be ordered in any colour


Packaging & Postage
Australia Wide  $15 per order*             
  World Wide     $85 per order

* Registered & Express Post available
Baptism Candles

F1 $96    F2 $99 each    F3 $224

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Funeral Candles   Memorial Candles

Ordering Funeral Candles & Memorial Candles

You can always find Lucy,  just Google ‘Lucys Candle Art’